Stunning photos of Hajia Bintu rock’s the internet.

Photos of Stunning Hajia Bintu

Hajia Bintu rock’s the internet, she is one of the popular faces in Ghana, particularly on TikTok.
However, less is known about the curvy Ghanaian whose fame is fast rising on social media.

Though some social media users have been falling in love with the TikTok star, others have been criticizing her over the display of her curves and she responded

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Answering those who have been asking what else she has to offer apart from her curves, Bintu in a new TikTok post is saying that her life is not all about her body, revealing that she is a professional makeup artist and an entrepreneur.

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Telling her followers what they don’t know about her, she said: “First of all I am makeup artiste, second, I have my own business, I sell waist trainers, three, I am a student of the Koforidua Technical University reading Hospitality.”

Putting her critics at their place, she added that “so please in case my body fades out, I have a certificate that will pull me through” according to investigations Bintu is a really hot upcoming celebraty.

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Hajia Bintu rock’s the internet :Check out her hot photos

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