The 7 best XYZ of health means a lot to most people but how to go by it is one challenge for most. In this chapter I will take you through some simple ways to get your XYZ of health on truck.

Now when I say the XYZ of health I mean good health,the optimum level one can target. Over the years one misconception has been that good health is for the rich because they can afford the expensive drugs and treatments.

Although some treatments are quite expensive they don’t make the XYZ of our health a big deal. To stay healthy and fit here are some simple facts I followed over the years to prevent any form of hospital bills .

XYZ(good) health tips to prevent hospital bills.


Good amount of sleep is one of the best ways to stay fit and looking much younger. studies show that those who sleep at least eight hours a day are more likely to look younger than those who spend little hours in bed. This is because you may drive insulin resistance and gradually reduce your physical and mental performance.


Furthermore in steps to “Chris Gunars , poor sleep may also be a factor to weight gain and obesity. One study linked insufficient sleep to about 80% and 55% increased risk of obesity in young people and adults in short it’s really good to sleep’ try hard to overcome anxiety and stress or nevertheless take a 30 minutes walk around your company if you are finding it difficult to sleep. This will help release some stress and in addition calm your nerves down.

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Most people do not know when and how to take in water for maximum benefits . In this chapter I will take you through some of them,and they are ;do not take in water whiles on meals,its always advisable to drink water 30 minutes before any meal. You may dilute the food in your stomach which may cause dizziness and other adverse effects to your body.


Over the years, high sugar consumption which eventually lead to type 2 diabetes and other heart-related diseases have resulted int he death of about 67.8% of the world’s population and still counting. it is advisable to take them in little quantities or use honey instead. Not to forget the fruit juice. Most contains additives and high amount of sugar which may be dangerous for a good XYZ health.

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This is one of my favourite moves ! I really enjoy it alot likewise all the XYZ guide lines. It encorperates all the 7 XYZ tips which when followed you will eventually say bye to your hospital bills. Subsequently some just decide to overlook it but in actual fact going natural may even help in ways like planning for yourself, eating healthy and in addition it adds onto your age in multiples. Taking skimmed milk with oat every morning will keep you fit and stronger all the time #dont forget your veggies(vegetables).


Vegetables are rich natural foods for our living but the way we cook them can sometimes make them toxic, under normal circumstances veggies should be boiled not more than 20 minutes ! to get all the benefits, it’s normally advised to take them in its raw state.


Let’s take cabbage and shallots for example; you could use vinegar in Washing them and then prepare it in a salad form that’s all you are done.enjoy it and don’t forget to add some salmon.


According to studies regular exercise is good for you, this is because it makes you stronger and decreases aging by approximately 25%. We cannot do away with it, some common exercises are weightlifting, jogging, walking and swimming. Study shows that walking is one of the safest exercises each person can partake in. Exercise can do one a lot of good. These include;

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  • Weight control
  • Strengthening of the heart which eventually improves blood circulation
  • Reducing the risk of cancers
  • Exercise also gives you better sleep
  • Lastly, Improves your mood and mental health effectively



Relationships are mostly incredibly important for both mental well being and your physical health.

Studies prove that having close friends and families are much healthier and enables you live much longer and younger.

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