The Lady Who Bit Off Rapist’s P£nis Finally Speaks (Video)

The Lady Who Bit Off Rapist’s P£nis Finally Speaks

The lady who bit off an armed robbers m@nhood in a viral video finally speaks.

The lady identified as Justina Donkor has finally shared the story on how she bite the penis of an armed robber who broke to her room wanting to rob and rape her.

According to the reports, the incident happened around 2:30 am at Abompey, a suburb of Obuasi.

The report also has it that the robber sedated the young lady and had sex with her when he entered her room.

Justina further in her narration said that the armed robber identified as Emmanuel Ankron before leaving the house after robbing her demanded a blowjob from her.

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However, the armed robber, according to the victim had earlier raped her when he broke into the room to steal her belongings.

Still not satisfied with the first round rape, the armed robber who became selfish with getting fun while on the robbing ‘job’ told the lady to give him a BJ so to make him hard on and enjoy her for the second time.

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The lady, as a result, bites his manhood off after she placed it in her mouth on the request of the armed robber to give him a BJ.

The angry robber repaid with a bite on her back before making away with his bleeding manhood.

The lady said she reported the incident to the police and thenceforth proceeded to the Hospital for urgent medical attention.

A few minutes later the suspect also came to the same hospital for treatment, and she alerted the security men.

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The suspect, 23-year-old, by reports, has been arrested and put under guard watch at the hospital.

Crime scene investigators visited the scene where the cut penis was retrieved and sent to the hospital for preservation.

Watch Video Below:

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