The Three Major causes of deaths in Ghana


Death in Ghana is at the maximum. Onto earth we were born and onto earth we shall die.

In Ghana there are several means by which death occur and they actually occur unknowingly.

Death rates in Ghana is based on the results from the data on the Mortality statistics in Ghana.

The Three Major Causes of Death in Ghana

1. Accidents

The major cause of deaths in Ghana is as a result of road accidents. Road accident has claimed about 4.2% of the lives which have lost. The death rate in Ghana last year (2019) was at 7.284 per 1000 individuals.

Accident scene

Road accident apart from causing the major deaths, has also caused several physical deformities and psychological impairments on victims.

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Some basic causes of this casualties include over speeding, inadequate servicing and overtaking on our roads. Pedestrians also deserve a blame as some do not comply to the rules regarding the usage of the roads.

Accident Scene

The lack of construction of good roads also contribute to the accidents which results in death and other negative effects.

2. Malaria

Also, Malaria is a major cause of mortality in Ghana. The death rate of malaria in Ghana changes on yearly basis ranging between 4% to 11%.


Truly, Malaria is a disease which is caused by the continuous biting from the female anopheles mosquito. The biting introduces the plasmodium parasite into the bloodstreams of humans.

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In addition, Malaria occurs gradually and when it becomes massive, it can cause severe weakness. The alarming rate of deaths caused by Malaria is as a result of the unhygienic environments we live in. The untidy places serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Regional breakdown of Malaria in Ghana

The best way to avoid malaria is to ensure personal hygiene and promoting environmentally friendly environment.

3. Cardiovascular related diseases

Cardio is a word which is used in the scientific terms to represent the heart.

The Heart is one of vital organs of the body. If the heart fails to perform, then the human dies.

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Cardiovascular diseases are known to be a major cause of death as it makes up about 9.3% of overall deaths. The statistics prove that hole in heart disease is the major cardio related disease in young children. One out of every hundred children born is affected with the hole in heart. It has been estimated that about 18 million people die as a result of heart related diseases.


Cardiac arrest, stroke, rheumatic heart disease and vascular diseases are all related to the heart.

These casualties are inevitable but with great care, life will be good. There may be other causes of death which may also be a majority.


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