The Top 4 Best Paying MLM Businesses in Ghana

Best Mlm companies in ghana

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM businesses in Ghana) MLM business model is one of a kind those who want a different system out of life; those who want both money and time freedom; those who want to change the world and those who believe there is a better way to live not just survive. Let’s look at the real problem, Ghana has 12 Public Universities, 64 Private Universities, and 10 Polytechnics (Now Technical Universities).

These sum up to 86 Universities, each of these 86 Universities is producing graduates each year; most of them are expecting the government to provide employment for them. Unfortunately, government and the private sector are only able to provide employment to about 10 percent of the graduates. If each of these institutions produces an average of 2,000 graduates annually, we are going to have 172,000 graduates in the job market each year. Given that 90 percent will not get jobs, there is clearly an oversupply problem.

This excludes the surpluses over the years (arrears). When supply exceeds demand, there is not only going to be unemployment, but even the few who get employed would have to contend with lower salaries. This situation is aggravated by advancements in technology. In our world today, advancement in technology is a major cause of unemployment. It creates fewer jobs and eliminates a lot of them. Not too long ago, we used to write and post letters through the post office. Thanks to advancements in technology (mobile telephony), most of the post office jobs are gone. You don’t need to write a letter any longer. A text message on your phone, an email, or even a simple phone call can solve the same problem easier, faster, and cheaper. The typist will soon lose their jobs. Because an average worker now is more computer literate than the typist. In my office, almost every staff has his own laptop or is supplied with one. These staff types their own reports because it is easier and faster. Robots are now being used in car manufacturing, leading to the loss of jobs. In some counties, robots are used by chefs in restaurants. Libraries are now being automated and so on.

Top best paying MLM businesses.

All these will lead to lesser jobs in the job market. I dare say that once technology keeps advancing, we are yet to witness the worse form of unemployment. Given what you have read so far, it appears the future is so bleak for our teeming youth. Isn’t it? Not really! There is a saying that, “If birds learn how to fly without perching, hunters must also learn how to shoot without missing.” So there is a solution, and the solution is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) – ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Not the entrepreneurship taught in our tertiary institutions by those who are not entrepreneurs themselves. As Bob Proctor said; “Don’t go to a sick doctor for treatment:” I mean real, practical entrepreneurship taught by experienced entrepreneurs. Anytime you mention entrepreneurship to a graduate, his/her first excuse is “No capital.” Meanwhile; capital is about the last issue when it comes to entrepreneurship.

The actual problem is the MINDSET. We are trained in our schools to become employees, not employers/entrepreneurs. So we need a change in orientation. We are not trained to take risks. We are trained to be afraid. Therefore, if we must be entrepreneurs, we must first change our mindset and orientation. We must take responsibility for our failures and successes in life. We must be ready to work and ask for more before we can get more. But if our minds are fixated on the JOB (Journey of the Broke) that is not even available, we are heading nowhere. Out of the options available to you as an unemployed person, the easiest, cheapest, fastest, and most rewarding way to become an entrepreneur is through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), otherwise known as Network Marketing.

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If you are unemployed \employed and have an open mind looking for an opportunity, MLM is for you. If you already have a job and find it difficult to balance your budget at the end of the month. MLM is for you. If you have lost hope in life and looking for an opportunity to restore your hope, MLM is meant for you. If you need both money and time freedom, MLM is for you. If you want to become an entrepreneur and have a problem with raising the big capital, MLM is for you. And if you are crazy enough to want to change the world, MLM is for you. Steven Covey (Author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”) said, “Before you climb the ladder, make sure it is leaning against the right building”. Similarly, if you are going to join an MLM Company, make sure you join the right company.

Over the years, many Ghanaians are not so careful in this regard. People jump into businesses without doing any background checks. Yet they wonder why they lose money. Therefore, you need some amount of background checks. You need to research the company’s credibility, the products, how long they’ve been in business, the awards they have won; their management profile, their compensation plan, and so on. One way you can do this is to log on to This website ranks the best 200 MLM companies in the world. Remember that your company doesn’t become less credible if it is not part of the 200. However, it adds a lot if your company is one of the top 200. So what is the concept of Network Marketing or MLM? Network Marketing is a business model which provides an opportunity for people to start and run a business with very little capital.

You get training and support from the company system and structures, then work hard to earn REAL MONEY. When you sign up for a network marketing opportunity, you are required to build a team so you can leverage the effort of your team members. You are paid for your individual efforts and the effort of your team members. So as your team grows, so does your income. With time you don’t need to work again. You would only work when you want to; not because you have to. Of course, it is always difficult at the beginning. This is because just like a building, a lot of work gets into the foundation, but no one sees anything at that stage. They only begin to see when you start erecting the walls. So in Network marketing, you do a lot of things from the beginning that you don’t get paid for; but in the later years, as your team grows, you get paid for a lot of things you don’t do. Therefore, network marketing is one of the best ways to build a stream of passive income. All the hard work you do in network marketing is for you. You are building an empire for yourself. And even when you die, your family can inherit it.

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Reasons for recommending MLM Companies/Businesses are as follows:

  1. You don’t need qualification or experience to start an MLM business. But you need a good qualification plus 3-5 years experience in order to get employed.
  2. In the MLM business, you earn according to your performance. There is no limit to what you can earn. On the job, however, you are paid according to your rank. If you are a junior officer who can perform better than your superior just because you are a junior you would be paid less.
  3. On your job, your employer (Boss) determines (through your salary), when you should eat your lunch, what you should wear, the car you should drive, the schools your children should go and so on. In sharp contrast, you are your own boss. So you determine (because your income is unlimited) what you want to eat when, the school your children should attend, when you sleep and make up etc.
  4. Most MLM companies offer all expenses paid trip (through promotions) including, pocket money to various locations in the world. If you travel at all for your job, you are going to perform an assignment with little or no time for sightseeing.

The MLM business also has some advantages over traditional business.

  1. To establish a traditional business, you need to register it, find office space, and pay utilities and so on. In the MLM business, all these are taken care of by your company. You don’t need to register your business, you don’t need office space and you don’t need to employ people.
  2. The capital required to start a traditional business is so high. However, in MLM you can start your business with as low as GH¢77800. Indeed, some are even much lower.
  3. You don’t need to employ people and pay them salary to work for you in MLM as it is in traditional business. All you do is recruit people into your business to work for themselves (You don’t pay them), but as and when they make money you also make money; even if you don’t want to.It is therefore not for nothing that prominent people such as:

Bill Clinton-Former US President (1992-200)2. Donald Trump –US President elect3. Bill Gates –One of the 5 Richest People in the world4. Warren Buffect-One of the richest people in the world5. Robert T. Kiyosaki-Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

All these people cannot be wrong about the MLM Industry. What I personally like about network marketing is its vast possibilities and scalability. For instance, in my particular company, you can sign up in 5 different ways. Thus the doubleheader (GH¢778. 00); the triple header (GH¢1540. 00) And the fourth header (GH¢4620. 00) Depending on your level of belief and affordability. The very aim ambitious people go in the fifth and sixth headers. This is what MLM is all about. It performs the magic of turning your monthly income into daily income and a whole retirement package into a monthly income. Hence, MLM companies turn ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires. Every day, MLM companies pay out $200 million to their distributors around the world. It is up to you to decide if you will take a part of the $200 million daily. My very objective in writing this article is to inform you, especially the unemployed, that there is an MLM opportunity available. That it can change your life in ways you could not even imagine. I would be glad to help you further in deciding which company you want to join. I would also be glad to share with you the learning materials when you finally decide to sign up for any MLM Company.

I am an MLM practitioner myself, but my primary focus is not necessary to sign you up in my company. No! My objective is to educate you and give you hope. That is not to say that I wouldn’t like to work with you. It will be my pleasure to work with you.

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In Conclusion, I would like to assure the teeming unemployed youth in particular that there is an opportunity in Network marketing for all the unemployed and even more; if only they will open their eyes and seize the opportunity. I wish to assure the many employees whose budgets hardly balance at the end of the month that there is an opportunity capable of giving them supplementary/ backup income. I wish to call on pensioners that God didn’t create them just to cope with the meager pensions and that even on pensions, they can still achieve their dreams. I wish to call on mothers who hardly see their children because of their jobs that they can work less, earn more, and still make time for their children, if only they will embrace Network marketing. I wish to call on students to grab this opportunity whilst on campus so they can graduate as millionaires, not prospective job seekers. You have been praying to God for an opportunity, don’t play with it. Grab the opportunity now, start living and stop existing

Top MLM businesses that I recommend in Ghana are; maximum growing e-commence business 2020

  1. Max international
  2. Super life
  3. Herbal life
  4. Longrich
  5. Solmax group* upcoming big time tokenize company.

NB: if you don’t find your business hear it doesn’t mean it is irrelevant

For more information and education on how to start the MLM business, contact me on or email at I am a content writer and a Network Marketing Practitioner. I wish you well and thank you for reading this piece, don’t forget to share with friends and family