Top Records of Cristiano Ronaldo in UEFA

top records of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese International footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballer in the history of the sport. The 35-year-old attacker for Italian side Juventus has been the most iconic player as far as Uefa Champions League football is concerned.

Ronaldo has over twenty champions league records that prove that he is the king of the Uefa Champions League.

Listed below are the record the Portuguese national team captain can boast of, as far as Champions league football is concerned.

  1. Highest top scorer in the Uefa Champions League – 129
  2. Joint highest goal scoring seasons – 14
  3. Player with most goals in a season – 17. ( 2013/2014 season ).
  4. Most wins in Champions League finals – 5 times.
  5. Highest winner of Champions League golden boot – 7 times
  6. Most hat tricks in one Champions League Season – 3
  7. Joint Most hat tricks in Champions League – 8 times
  8. Most goals in Champions League history – 128
  9. Player to score most goals in a Champions League season – 17 (2013/14)
  10. Most Champions League final wins – 5
  11. Player to score in three Champions League finals – 3 times
  12. The oldest player to score a Champions League hat-trick (34 years and 35 days)
  13. Most goals in the Champions League knockout round of the competition – 66
  14. Most goals in the Champions League knockout round in one season – 11
  15. First player to score a total of 100 Champions League goals.
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  1. First player to score 100 Champions League goals for one club (Real Madrid).
  2. Player to score in all six Champions League group stage matches (2017/18 season)
  3. The only player to score 10 goals in seven consecutive Champions League seasons.
  4. Player to score most braces in Champions League history – 35 times
  5. Player to score in most Champions League games scored in a row – 11 matches.
  6. Most away Champions League games scored in a row – 12
  7. Joint Most home Champions League games scored in a row – 7
  8. Joint Most Champions League opponents scored against – 33 teams
  9. Most Champions League victories – 105
  10. Most Champions League goals scored against clubs from one country – 27 goals against German clubs.
  11. Player to score most Champions League goals against a single opponent – 10 times against Juventus.
  12. Joint Most Champions League seasons scored in a row – 14 times
  13. Player with most goals scored in Champions League finals – 4 goals
  14. Most Champions League penalties scored – 16 (19 taken)
  15. Most goals scored with the head- 22
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Cristiano Ronaldo is the true king of Champions League football with his incredible statistics.


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