Top technology Blogs in Ghana 2021.


Ghana is quickly becoming one of West Africa’s digital centers. Many Ghanaians are becoming increasingly interested in tech-related news, tutorials, and the development of smart devices. There are, however, tech websites that try their best to keep Ghanaians up to date on tech news.

These are five Ghanaian tech blogs that are doing a good job of keeping Ghanaians up to speed. If you opt to visit any tech blog in Ghana, these are the finest to go to for more up-to-date tech news. Please note that the list below is not in any specific order. I am not ranking these websites according to where they appear on the list.

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1. tags itself as Ghana’s biggest tech news website. The website is by far one of the leading tech blogs in Ghana with more timely tech-related information. The tech blog was started in 2015 as a question and answer group and gradually transitions into a tech blog in 2017.

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2. JBKLUTSE.COM is a Ghanaian tech blog that is by far the most followed Ghanaian tech blog on Facebook. News on covers Ghanaian stories with an overview of happenings from other African countries.

3. is a rapidly growing Ghanaian tech site that is extremely quick to provide its readers with more up-to-date tech news. The website is chock-full of tech news, reviews, and lessons. is also recognized for disclosing information regarding upcoming devices and it is a must-visit for every tech enthusiast.

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4. is noted for promoting Ghanaian technology and also covers more on entrepreneurship, startups, data, funding, policy, and future tech. is surely one of the biggest tech blogs in Ghana.

5. is a full-fledged technology site that offers tech tips, life hacks, and other technological trends. It is a tech blog that aims to provide tech tips, and blogging tips.