Twekup The New Era Of Social Media Platform


What is Twekup?

Twekup is a social media platform aimed at providing you with services that no other social media platform is providing and even if being provided they serve the best of it.

mage of twekup login interface

Why Use Twekup

Aren’t there more than necessary social media platforms available on this planet of 7 billion people. Why will I sign up for another social media platform if I have the giant on my toes? With Twekup you get more than needed and save the rest for future use.

Making Extra Income

You earn 10$ the moment you register and signup on Twekup. Refer your loved ones and family members to the channel and start earning $0.50 per each of your friends you refer through your referral link to the platform whiles they also earn a $10.00 signup bonus. the goal is to provide you with the best platform whiles doing that, they also thought about us the end users making some extra cash whiles on the platform.

A screenshot of someone's earning on twekup

The Sweetest part of Twekup

The sweetest part of  Twekup is that you can send / sell you funds to anyone on the platform and you can also use it to buy items on Twekshop.

A social Network Service,

A place where people meet to network, share, and communicate with friends and family around the world
⦁ Send friend requests & make friends
⦁ chat, send messages & receive replies
⦁ Have your own timeline, post status, share photos, videos, sounds, and files for people to like, comment on them, and re-share.
⦁ Create ads, blog, event, page, private or public groups, network with like-minded people globally, promote ideas, common interest, association, or business.
⦁ Discuss topics in forums
⦁ Create and organize your favorite events like weddings and conferences for people to attend.

An e-commerce Portal/Online Worldwide Store for companies and business people

A screenshot of twekup e-commerce platform

designed so that you can create your own online shop, sell your products directly on the internet worldwide, and receive online payment via credit card or mobile payments.

⦁ Upload the product you are selling into your store on Twekup.
⦁ Write a description of the product.
⦁ Give the price of the product.
⦁ Sort products by as featured, most popular, or latest products.
⦁ Sell products to everyone anywhere in the world.
⦁ Receive payment directly via credit card or mobile payment.
⦁ Anyone on Twekup can help you advertise products in your store by re-posting the products internally on Twekup or by sharing them with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more….

A personal profile promoter

Create your own professional profile and tell about yourself categorically to let people around the world find you easily when they search the internet.

⦁ Showcase work of art via photos, videos, sounds, or other forms
⦁ Create a blog to showcase your passion, talent, or profession.

An Online Global Market for Classified Ads:

designed to help you meet the people who are looking to buy or rent the things you are selling or renting out. In the same way, it is designed to help you meet the people who are selling or renting out the things you are looking to buy or rent.

⦁ Upload a picture of an item you are selling
⦁ Write a description of your product to attract more customers.
⦁ Choose to name the price of your product.
⦁ Show the direction where prospective customers can locate your product.
⦁ Leave your contacts for customers to get in touch with you.
⦁ Allow customers and prospective customers to comment on your product.
⦁ People can help you market your products by re-posting your adverts on Twekup or sharing it on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Flexible Advertisement System:

Twekup has a flexible advertisement system which you can use to promote or boost your page, post to reach millions of users on the up.

A screenshot of twekup advertisement system

A Source of Employment & Income For Everyone:

⦁ Use your referral link to invite other people to join TWEKUP SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM.
⦁ You earn $0.50 per each person you refer to twekup.
⦁ Invite people everywhere from any country.
⦁ There is no limit to how many people you can invite.
⦁ The more you invite, the more you earn

A screenshot displaying the various ways one can monetize his or her twekup account

Click here to join the platform to experience its beauty and monetize your account.

Watch a sample YouTube video below:


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