Ugandan Election: Ugandan Soldiers were filmed beating a supporter of presidential candidate Bobi Wine.


A video pops up on social media today revealing how two Ugandan soldiers were seen molesting a supporter of the presidential candidate Bobi Wine. The Video Sparked a lot of arguments as many are reacting in disagreement to their unlawful act.

According to the video posted on the official Instagram page of Nkonkonsagh, nobody is allowed to chant or hail the name of Bobi Wine but that of their current sitting President, His Excellency Museveni.

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“UGANDAN ELECTIONS: Soldiers beat supporters of Presidential Candidate Bobi Wine . People are only allowed to mention seating President Yoweri Museveni’s name.”
“Citizens have been banned from mentioning Bobi Wine’s name or showing any form of support for him openly.
They wrote.

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The Soldiers were seen using baton on a young man who is a supporter of Bobi Wine.

Watch the video below: