Crime Alert:Three KNUST females robbed in their homestel.


On Tuesday 31st May, 2022, three KNUST females who were asleep in their room in a homestel closer to Nyantakyi hostel at New site, were robbed and almost raped by the culprit. It was late evening as these females were asleep and one of them woke up only to turn on the bed with a face-to face encounter with a man standing by her bedside.

She was scared at the moment and the others were awoken immediately the man spoke. He began to advice them about them making sure to close their door properly and as they thought he was a good Samaritan to prompt them, he brought out a knife hidden in his clothes and asked them to turn around and face the opposite of him and that they should cooperate with him else if his partner gets there, he’s going to kill them.

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He took their laptops, mobile phones, money and other valuable items from them and then went over to the first female and tried touching her of which he found out she was on her period and left to the next person but because she was on the top bed, he didn’t do anything to her and went over to the last one of which he tried having his way into her. As the man tried thrusting into her, he couldn’t as she the lady said she is a virgin.

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All this while, he had asked them to not alert others else he’s going to stab them with the knife. Because it was exams week, some of the students in the homestel weren’t asleep they could hear some of the students talking from their rooms but they couldn’t shout for help. After several attempts struggling with the lady, the man gave up and run away.

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These ladies keep on having nightmares about the unfortunate incidence. Please let’s be careful out there and report suspicious people to the rightful authorities and make sure our doors are always properly locked when we leave the room or inside the room.