Video: Legally Ghana doesn’t exist – Kosi Kedem

Kosi Kedem
Kosi Kedem

A 75-year old former Member of Parliament for Hohoe-South Constituency, Mr. Kosi Kedem, has claimed that Ghana does not exist legally. He said this due to the constitutional blunder by the British during the Gold Coast era.

Mr. Kosi Kedem made his claims in line with the recent Western Togoland secessionists in the Volta Region. During an interview section with the former MP, he reiterates that the United Nation Resolution 1044 had no legal backing. Also, the resolution was between the British colony, Ghana, and the Togoland.

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“There is no union document on the so-called union between Ghana (Gold Coast) and Togoland. Defacto, they are a unit, but in legal terms, Ghana does not exist.”

Moreover, Kosi Sedem explained that present Ghana was formed from the Gold Coast and Togoland. He revealed that there was no constitutional backing document to legalize the union. Also, he said that after the union was initiated, there was no meeting to determine the modalities of the union.

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“No meeting was held to discuss the terms and conditions of the union between Gold Coast and Togoland,” said Mr. Kosi.

Mr. Kosi stated, “If a Territory governed by the United Nations is coming into a union with a British colony, what should have happened? There was a need for them to sit down and determine certain vital processes like the type of government structure. Also, the benefits, obligations, and responsibilities should have been informed to the people”.

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Mr. Kosi Kedem believes that the absence of this union is the main cause of the Western Togoland secessionist attacks.