Video: Vanessa ‘Wo Maame Tw3’ — Funny Face insults and blames his baby mama for the slaps he received from Walantu gangs.


Ghanaian comic actor Funny Face has again verbally abused his baby mama, Vanessa after he went out missing on social media for a very long time.

The actor and producer published a new video on his Instagram page where he was seen making an incongruous narrative about how he received dirty slaps from some Kasoa boys.

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According to Funny Face, the boys who slapped him were in two groups from Kasoa; Walantu Boys and High Tension Boys whom he loves so much.

Funny Face disclosed that he went to chase a girl at Walantu side and they slapped him mercilessly and this is because his baby mama went missing for a while now.

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Funny Face in the video posted on his Instagram, page explained that Vanessa is the cause of his action which landed him into trouble, and ended the video by saying “Vanessa Wo Maame Tw3”.

Watch the video below:

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