VIP buss involved in An Accident: almost got sink in Oti River


On Thursday 9th June, an accident has occurred where a VIP Bus has unfortunately plunged into the Oti River and left the bus half sunk in the river.

The bus was reportedly travelling from Accra to Wulensi, which was in the

Northern Region when a the break of the car failed to function. And

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at the time, the VIP Bus with registration number “GT 5313-19 ” was near to the Oti River and it mystically landed in the water body.

There were passengers on board when the vehicle landed in the river, but no

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passenger died from drowning or was even injured. Eventually bus was reportedly manoeuvring to get onto the pontoon to cross to the other side.

Motorbikes, bicycles and personal luggage of the parents rather fell Victims as they were drenched into the river.

The excavator which was brought to the scene couldn’t find a solution to bringing out

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the bus, but a Winch tractor successfully recovered the bus from the Oti River

and the items were also retrieved from the water.

#Because the nation needs you we thank God for your safety


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