VLC media player keyboard shortcuts you never know exists.


The VLC media player is one of the most used media players in the world. It supports both audio and video and can be used for editing videos and audios.

Keyboard shortcuts are very important for the computer user as it helps the the computer user to work faster without having to go through long processes.

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VLC media player application is built with keyboard shortcuts embed in it to help its users to navigate through the app faster and work with ease.

It is very important for users to learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts in order to navigate the app with ease and faster. Below is all the VLC media player keyboard shortcuts you should know:

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]Faster (fine)
[Slower (fine)
=Normal rate
Shift + Left arrowBack 3 seconds
Shift + Right arrowForward 3 seconds
Alt + Left arrowBack 10 seconds
Alt + Right arrowForward 10 seconds
Control + Left arrowBack 1 minute
Control + Right arrowForward 1 minute
Control + Alt + Left arrowBack 5 minutes
Control + Alt + Right arrowForward 5 minutes
NNext track
PPrevious track
ENext frame
Shift + MDisc menu
Shift + OPrevious title
Shift + BNext title
Shift + PPrevious chapter
Shift + NNext chapter
Ctrl + QQuit
JDecrease audio delay
BCycle audio track
Shift + ACycle audio device
Ctrl + Up arrowIncrease volume
Ctrl + Down arrowDecrease volume
IShow controller in fullscreen
Shift + ZReset zoom
FToggle fullscreen
EscapeLeave fullscreen/close dialogue
Page UpShrink the viewpoint
Page DownExpand the viewpoint
Alt + 11:4 quarter crop
Alt + 21:2 half crop
Alt + 31:1 original crop
Alt + 42:1 double crop
ACycle aspect ratio
CCycle cropping ratio
OToggle autoscaling
Alt + OIncrease scale factor
Alt + Shift + ODecrease scale factor
DToggle deinterlacing
Shift + DCycle deinterlace modes
Ctrl + F1 – F10Set playlist bookmark 1 – 10
F1 – F10Play playlist bookmark 1 – 10
Ctrl + WClear the playlist
Ctrl + YSave playlist
Ctrl + 0Reset subtitles scale
Ctrl + Mouse wheel upScale down subtitles text
Ctrl + Mouse wheel downScale up subtitles text
HIncrease subtitle delay
GDecrease subtitle delay
Shift + HSync subtitles
Alt + VCycle subtitle track in reverse order
VCycle subtitle track
Shift + VToggle subtitles
Ctrl + BBookmarks
Ctrl + COpen capture device
Ctrl + DOpen disc
Ctrl + EExtended settings
Ctrl + FOpen folder
Ctrl + HHide/show menus
Ctrl + IMedia information
Ctrl + JCodecs information
Ctrl + LHide/show playlist
Ctrl + MMessages
Ctrl + NOpen network stream
Ctrl + OOpen file
Ctrl + PPreferences
Ctrl + RConvert/save
Ctrl + SStreaming
Ctrl + TGo to time
Ctrl + VPaste location/MRL
Ctrl + Shift + WVLM configurator
Alt + AAudio menu
Alt + HHelp menu
Alt + IView menu
Alt + LPlayback menu
Alt + MMedia menu
Alt + STools menu
Alt + TSubtitle menu
Shift + SSnapshot
Shift + RRecord
EnterSelect menu entry (DVD)
Arrow keysNavigate menus (DVD)