Western Togoland group takes over Juapong as they block road

Western Togoland group
Western Togoland group

Some portions of the Volta Region have been in uncertainty as Western Togoland members take over the place. It is reported that they have taken over Juapong in the North Tongu in the Volta Region on Friday morning.

This separatist group which stood up last year have began their unapproved ventures. They have attacked the Aveyime and Mepe Police Stations and have taken away some ammunitions.

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The Western Togoland group have mounted samboards posts with the inscription ‘Welcome to Western Togoland’ at various entry points of the Juapong community. This has caused difficulty in the transportation of people in and out of the town.

A member of the Western Togoland group revealed that they have captured some three personnel of the Ghana Police Service. Moreover, residents informed that car tyres are being burnt on the roads as they have blocked some portions of the road.

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“We are seeking independence and freedom of our great motherland,” one of the members of the Western Togoland revealed.

Updates from the Volta Regional Minister suggest that they are handling this critical situation to bring it under control. Moreover, he assured the public that within an hour or two the situation will be brought under control.

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In line with the capture of the three policemen, the Regional Minister has assured to get them back in due time.