When Will The African Continent Get The Coronavirus Vaccine?

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Covid 19 Vaccine

In mid July, the scientific community announced that there is a developed vaccine. African Continent is a factor of concern in this times of pandemic.

After the development, it has been tested to be safe and is able to trigger immune responses. A very positive sign showed when the scientists tested over 1000 individuals by injecting the vaccine into their bodies. The vaccine formed antibodies in their system that fights against viruses.

The renowned BBC listeners have questioned a physician of infectious diseases. This was about what breakthrough will mean for the African continent.

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One listener from Sudan by name Tagreed asked the infectious disease physician and scientist at the University of Toronto, when the vaccine would be available in African Continent.

This is the response from the Infectious Disease Physician:

This is such a good question. This vaccine will be distribute in every continent equitably. Also, it can’t just be for high-income countries. It will be based on population. There has not been a laid down process on how the articles vaccines would be distributed. Notwithstanding, the trial of the vaccines outside the United Kingdom is to ensure the proper effectiveness of the vaccine.

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Moreover, it is expected that the trial will continue in a larger scale. Over 5,000 Brazilians, 2,000 South Africans and 30,000 people in the USA. In addition to this breakthrough, the world is hoping to combat the virus.

In conclusion, sources reveal that the coronavirus vaccines would be available for use before the end of the year.


Covid 19 Cases In The World

On the world scale, the WHO has recorded over 15,000,000 positive cases of Covid 19. The number of recoveries stand at 9,134,209 with death toll also at 620,032.

USA, Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa are the top five most affected nations. The African continent cases is led by South Africa, with Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana following up.

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