Wealth : as it sounds,  is the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions which can be converted into a form that can be used for transactions. In other words this gives an ordinary person a mind of unimaginable riches possessed by a person or an organization. (World’s money)

In the  past years we have heard tales of rich individuals who have been rated as the world’s richest people around the globe. Individuals like Jeff Bezos,Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mohammed Gaddafi who own Billions of dollars and families like the Walton family,

the Mas family, the Saudi royal family among others are families perceived to be ruling the world through wealth, owning billions all over the world.


This people are believed to control the economy of nations despite the fact that most of these people are not Christians, they still posses unimaginable wealth. So the question remains who is controlling the wealth of the nation; God or Satan? Research into the lives of many rich personalities around the world brought me to the conclusion that most of this people may just have something behind their wealth. Undoubtedly, they solve many of our world problems today which thereby gives them money “but” there may be more to it than just the work. What’s your suggestion?

Christian Bible

The bible talks about a certain “god” called Mammon which is believed to be the spirit or force which have access to finances. It is believed that this god or force blesses any man who has time for him. The god blesses him with wealth if only that man can obey him. Today, most of our world’s richest personalities do not know God, many gladly and openly identify themselves as Freemasons and voodoo worshipers and swear allegiance to some of the darkest forces that the universe has ever known just to get the blessing of wealth.


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This doesn’t mean every rich man is not from God. No! There are people who are blessed by God so much that their names travel far and wide and a single look at these people will reveal that their lives reflect the image of God. Satan;

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the god of this world according to the holy scriptures took Jesus up to the top of the highest mountain and showed unto him the kingdoms and their wealth and he made a statement which is relevant today.

He said “if you bow unto me,I will give you all the wealth of the kingdoms of the world”.

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This therefore means that Satan controls our earthly governments and our economy ( World’s money) therefore most of the worlds wealthy people who’s life cannot be traced to be linked to this god of the world called mammon.

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