Who remembers Ataa Ayi?

Ataa Ayi

Raymond Ayee Ayeetey populary know as Ataa Ayi was considered in Adabraka, Accra. He was known to be one notorious Criminal although he stopped school in class 4 after his mom took off to UK. He sorted out some way to drive and transformed into a cabbie.

Ataa Ayi met his new pro, Eddie, at Flamingo in Accra. Eddie was a vehicle thief. Exactly when he found his business was to drive them to take from people he said around then he was vexed anyway required money for his pregnant life partner and he expected to in like manner be an expert and have his own personal vehicle..

Ataa Ayi moved toward a driver for the pack, as they loot people’s vehicles. They screen people who go to the banks to pull back money, attack them, take the money and escape. His first movement in 1999, they took 12 million cedis of which he got 2.5 million cedis for himself.

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They one day found a weapon in a crew vehicle one day and took it. They decided to use it for their exercises since it would make taking easier in any case none of them understood how to fire an arm at that time of their life .

In 2000, a lead was found on his whereabouts which provoked a hypothesize taking the police to his home in Chorkor. Regardless, he was not found as he had taken off northward for an entombment administration. It was by then, he comprehended that his life, and his family was in danger. By then he looked for absolute detachment.

The police followed them, brushing all parts of where they were clearly working and living. Every one of his criminals had been caught or killed now he was not a solitary where in sight. A segment of neighborhood individuals in the area even began to relate records of his quality and powers.

His catch and dread happened when he was watchman of his senior sister’s home in Nungua. There was a conflict between the tenants in the house where the occupant outraged his mother. Ataa Ayi beat up this man since he said it was inconsiderate to attack your own personal mother.

On 28th February 2005, the police went to his home and found him drying his pieces of clothing. They came to catch him on checks of assault just to find he was the most required criminal in the country. He was caught whiles asking the police on his knees not to execute him.

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Bensol shoes

Whiles in power he was tortured and constrained to sign explanations which he promises some of which were bogus. He was later sentenced to 160 years with difficult work is up ’til now serving his time.

As of now turned clergyman, Aryee says he regrets all his past infringement and sins and has recognized Jesus as his watchman blessed messenger.

“I may need DCOP Kofi Boakye to come and visit me. He saved my life by bringing me here. May God extravagantly support him,” he said.

See that this happened some 15-20 years back and all the totals referred to are in old Ghana cedis. Might look little now, yet by then, it wasn’t

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