“Why I built House for my Mother” Emmanuela finally clears the air.

emanuella built her mom house

Emmanuel has become the news on people’s lips after she built a house for her beloved mother.

Many are proud of her wise decision and congratulated her for making her ‘mama’ proud.

Although many are proud of her, some also criticize her for the fact that she did not celebrate her father also since He also deserves to be celebrated.

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The 10-year-old Nigerian start has addressed this issue in an interactive session on a Facebook live interview as she explained the reason why she gifted her mom a house and not her father.

She explained;

“I wanted to buy another car for my dad but Uncle Mark now told me to save more money and build the house that I promised my mom. So, I talked with my manager and they built the house and furnished it. See the house now, is it not fine?

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“If it is for my mom, it is for everybody; it’s for my dad too. My dad is married to my mom. After all, they are living together.”

“Everything is God’s grace. I never ‘experrit’. When God wants to use you, He will use you at the right time,”

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source: celebritiesbuzz.com.gh

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