Wife mistakenly told her husband she wishes his d!ck is as big as that of her ex.

4k video footage of a young woman crying against a grey background

A woman is currently struggling to keep her marriage after comparing the size of his husband’s manhood to that of her ex.

The unidentified woman narrates how it all happened and claimed it was a joke before asking social media users to advise her on how to restore her 6 months old marriage.

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According to her, she was playing with her husband when she mistakenly voiced out her wish to still have that of her ex-boyfriend’s long banana, a statement that is preventing her husband from either eating her food or making love to her.

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“I mistakenly told my husband how l wish his dick is as big as that of my ex, do u know that up till now my husband refused eating my food nor make love to me, l don’t get it, can’t someone play with her husband again?”

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‘What should l do to restore my 6 months marriage’ she asked

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