Woman Gives Birth To A Chicken in Tanzania – Watch Video

Woman Gives Birth To A Chicken in Tanzania - Watch Video

A piece of shocking news reaching us from Uvinza District in Kigoma Province, Tanzania has it that a woman who name is yet to be known has given birth to a chicken after she was being rushed to the hospital.

Reports say that the 27-year-old woman was rushed to the hospital by her 52-year-old husband after she complained of labor pain and was admitted to the labor room but the nurses were shocked as the woman gives birth to a different creature instead of a human being.

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The creature she gave birth to resembles a chicken but with no features but according to the Chief Inspector of Kigoma, James Manyama, the creature will remain in police custody for examination in a Government laboratory.

He said; “This woman did not show any signs of having a pregnancy that was out of the ordinary. The creature that came out of her did not look like it came from her uterus. Even though she looked pregnant, unconfirmed reports say that the creature was entered into her by a witch doctor. We are still investigating with the authorities to get to the bottom of the matter,” 

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However, Tanzanians have reacted to the news saying that the incident might have a connection with the supernatural.

Watch the video below: