You can make $10 – $100 on YouTube, use social media wisely


• A Ghanaian Vlogger has revealed that huge sums of money can be made on social media

• According to Wode Maya, a YouTuber can earn over a 100,000 dollars monthly

• He has called on the public to use social media wisely

One can cash out on social media platforms if they only know how to use it to their advantage, this is according to Vlogger, Wode Maya.

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Known to be one of Ghana’s YouTubers with huge subscribers, Wode Maya’s videos continue to attract millions of views on the video-sharing platform.

In his recent interview on GhanaWeb TV’s Talkertainment with Elsie Lamar, Wode Maya revealed that one can make over 100,000 dollars monthly just by creating content on YouTube.

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“I always tell people to use social media wisely, very wisely because it is a place where you can make very good income. As a Youtuber, you can go from 10 to 100 thousand dollars,” he said.

According to him, he has been able to build a brand on YouTube and also acquired a property in East Legon all thanks to vlogging.

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“For now, it’s more like YouTube full-time not just in Ghana. I do stuff in different African countries. My project is Africa to the world more like being a real estate developer but not in Ghana,” he added.

Watch this episode of Talkertainment below:

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