Young Couple Commit Suicide Over Parents Opposition On Their Marriage


A young couple who have spent six years together have reportedly committed suicide due to their parents opposition on the marriage plans. The two lived in Anambra State in Nigeria and drunk a dangerous chemical known as Sniper.

The deceased lovers’ marriage intention was not made a possibility due to a strongly opposed by their parents due to an ancient belief in the community.

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Before they drank the chemical to take away their lives, they wrote an emotional suicide note. This note explains that the couple has been with each other for over 6 years. Also, it revealed that the marriage plans were thrown away by the parents due to an aged-long Osu/ Ohu caste system.

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Checks into the Ohu and Osu System

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The Osu Caste System is an ancient Igboland practice that discourages social interactions and marriages between people known as Osus. Moreover, the Osus are treated inferior to other people in the Igboland. They are mostly made it live in shrines or market places. Also, they are objected to seek any romantic or marital relationship outside of the caste.