Young Ghanaian Body Painter drops a trailer of his first movie set to be released soon. (watch video)


There has been a viral body painting artwork on social media that got so many people’s attention. Many enjoyed watching the artwork because of its beauty.

The Body painter, Awuku Oscar also known as Yonga Art set to release a movie which he has titled “SUPREMACY“. The date on which the movie will be officially released is not yet announced.

The CEO of Yonga arts has officially given infoghmedia the permission to display the trailer of the movie to our audiences.

Watch the Video below:

“A story of the past is like that of today. The extortion of power and looting of properties for personal gains has been the genesis of time due to the soil been enriched by the blood of other men. Today, we celebrate what we have lost to the title we gain. We present to you, SUPREMACY” Summary of Supremacy.

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About Yonga Art

I am Oscar Korbla Mawuli Awuku a multi-disciplinary artist I grew up in a broken home where I witnessed the violence my mum had to go through before she finally became the breadwinner for the family. 

This inspired me greatly and over the years whilst growing up all I ever wanted to do is depict the strength and empowerment of women and also their ability to procreate and pass on generations of knowledge to their children both physically and psychologically.

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My body of art is called Anansinisim. it was inspired by the Ghanaian mythical character kweku Anansi. Anansi is an Akan name given to the spider.

“I carefully fuse visual networking designs of the spider with historical Ghanaian Adinkra symbology to create personal transitional designs on the body that re-echo knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors that are gradually losing their sustainable values and norms to contemporary audiences.”

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“I often represent them with tales of great women and men here in Ghana and deities alike.
My works mostly portray the advocacy and empowerment of women in other to stand equally for leadership roles just like we men do in society.”

“I am currently reading commercial Arts in Painting at Takoradi Technical university in Ghana.”


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