Beijing New International Students Scholarship

Beijing new scholarship

Beijing Normal University is a renowned institution known for its quality education and research opportunities. The Chinese University Program offers a comprehensive scholarship for selected Chinese universities and specific provincial education offices in designated provinces or autonomous regions, aimed at attracting exceptional international students for advanced studies in China. By receiving the Beijing International students scholarship you will gain access to a university with a rich academic tradition and a diverse community of students and scholars. This environment can provide you with invaluable learning experiences and the chance to engage with different perspectives and ideas.

In addition to the financial support, this scholarship may also offer various opportunities for professional development, including internships, mentorship programs, and networking events. These resources can help you build a strong foundation for your future career and expand your professional network within your field of study. It’s also worth noting that studying in Beijing, China, can open up doors to experiencing a different culture and gaining insights into global perspectives, contributing to your personal growth and broadening your worldview. Additionally receiving the Beijing International students scholarship not only provides financial support but also offers the opportunity to study at a prestigious institution with a strong academic reputation and a diverse international community.

Important Notes On The Beijing International Students Scholarship

  • Country host; China
  • Available to all genders
  • category; Postgraduate Masters, PhD
  • This scholarship is designated for graduate students exclusively
  • The scholarship encompasses both primary academic studies and Chinese language preparatory studies, as stipulated in the Admission Letter.
  • The instructional language may be either Chinese or English.
  • Application deadline 30th of April 2024

Benefits of the Beijing International Students Scholarship

The full scholarship includes the following;

  1. Coverage for tuition,
  2. Accommodation in the form of a complimentary university dormitory or accommodation subsidy
  3. Stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance.



Eligibility Requirements For Beijing International Students Scholarship

  • The candidate must fulfill the stipulations outlined in the BNU Admission Brochure for International Students.
  • Candidates are required to submit an HSK certificate in accordance with their program’s admission requirements. The University does not offer preparatory Chinese language courses for candidates enrolled in Chinese-taught MA or PhD programs
  • Applicants should not be recipients of other scholarships.
  • Applicants must meet the educational and age criteria specified below:
    • High school graduates applying for undergraduate programs must not exceed 25 years of age.
    • Bachelor’s degree holders applying for master’s programs must not exceed 35 years of age.
    • Master’s degree holders applying for doctoral programs must not exceed 40 years of age.

Documentation Required for the Beijing International Students Scholarship

    1. Applicants are required to submit the Application Form for the Beijing International students scholarship in either Chinese or English, alongside a copy of the home page of their passport.
    2. prospective diploma recipients must provide notarized copies of their highest diploma.
    3. Official academic transcripts must be submitted starting from the undergraduate program and should include records from every semester of the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.
    4. Language qualification certificates such as valid HSK reports for Chinese-taught programs, or relevant language proficiency certificates like IELTS or TOEFL reports for other language-taught programs, must be provided in accordance with the universities’ requirements.
    5. Documents required for admission prior to enrollment.① The Chinese university of choice issues pre-admission documents, such as an official admission letter, a pre-admission letter, or an invitation letter from a potential supervisor recognized by the department of international student admissions at Chinese universities.② The enrollment letter or invitation letter should include the following information in Chinese or English:
      • Personal information of the applicant, including full name, nationality, date of birth, name of the previous university attended, and others;
      • Academic status in China, indicating whether the applicant is a graduate student or a doctoral student;
      • Projected duration of stay in China. The study timeline must be specified, and the enrollment date should not be prior to September 2023.
      • Details regarding the Chinese supervisor of the applicant, if applicable;
      • Accounts of the applicant’s academic studies or research conducted in China;
      • Language utilized in instructional courses (Chinese or English);
      • The invitation letter from the supervisor must be officially sealed by the department of international student admission and include the signature and contact information of the department head.
      1. Submission of a study plan proposal. The study plan, written in either Chinese or English, must exceed 1,000 characters or words; for doctoral students, the proposal must also be signed by the applicant’s Chinese supervisor.
      2. Two recommendation letters from either Chinese or English professors or associate professors are necessary to assess the applicant’s learning objectives, comprehensive skills, future potential, and collaboration with supervisors or exchange programs between domestic and foreign universities.
      3. For applicants in art-related majors or design, they have the option of submitting their own works as part of the application. If the applicant is under 18, they must also provide valid legal guardianship documents for China.
      4. A duplicate of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form, completed in English, must be provided (with the original copy retained by the applicant). This form is created by the Chinese quarantine authority and can be acquired from the dispatching authority.
      5. Non-criminal record report. The applicant is required to submit a valid Non-Criminal Record certificate issued by the local public security authority, typically issued within 6 months prior to the application submission date.


Applicants interested in applying for the Beijing International students scholarship may apply by clicking the button below




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