Cyprus Visa Application Requirements – 2022/2023

Cyprus Visa Application Requirements
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Cyprus Visa Application Requirements: Like all other visa applications, the Cyprus process is simple if you follow the guidelines.
You can enter any country legally with a visa.
Having said that, you will not be allowed entry into any other nation if you do not have your visa.
You must submit all additional supporting documentation to obtain a Cyprus visa.
Additionally, you should be aware that the required documents may change depending on the purpose of your trip; as a result, you should conduct thorough research on the documents you need to apply for a visa.

Types Of Application

The visa type you seek determines how long it will take to process your application.
There are various visas available that can allow you access to Cyprus.

  • Long-term visas: As the name implies, these visas are given to applicants who plan to stay in Cyprus for an extended period.
  •  A group of foreign visitors visiting Cyprus for a specific reason might apply for a group visa.
  •  Student visa: Applicants who wish to continue their education at any institution of higher learning in Cyprus are granted this visa.
  •  Visa with multiple entries: This visa is granted to foreign nationals who are aware that they frequently go to Cyprus for either business or pleasure.
  •  Visa for travel: This visa is only available to foreign nationals making brief visits or vacations to Cyprus.
  •  When going from one nation to another and stopping at Cyprus airport, a passenger must apply for an airport transit visa.
  •  Foreign nationals who have been offered a job in Cyprus and are prepared to relocate there to work are granted a work visa.

Eligibility Requirements

Although applying for a visa is free, the embassy assumes that you will have enough money to support yourself while in Cyprus.
You must not only have financial support but also not have a criminal record in your own country.
The Cyprus government’s need for assurance that you are not travelling there to disturb the peace or hurt any of its inhabitants may prevent you from obtaining a visa.

Before receiving the visa, the necessary paperwork must be presented and current.
The documents must also be authentic and unforged.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Visa

  • A valid passport.
  •  Application for a visa in Cyprus.
  •  Visa pictures.
  •  evidence of legal residency
  •  Flight schedules and tickets.
  •  Evidence of enough funding.
  •  Health insurance and a certificate of medical fitness
  •  Documentation proving employment.
  •  Travel medical coverage.

A Valid International Passport

A passport is a record that includes personal data.
You must have this paperwork with you to travel to Cyprus. Thus it is very crucial.
The visa is then set on a minimum of two blank pages in the passport.

The original of your passport, photocopies of every page used, including any previous visas, your personal information, and the issue/expiration date may also be required.

Application Form

Before submitting the application form to any embassy, it must be signed. If you are applying by mail, a Notary Public must certify your signature.
The application form can be obtained online; it must be correctly completed and delivered in person.
Please be aware that the application form is uncharged.

Visa Photo Specifications

The photo must be crystal clear and 40mm x 50mm. Additionally, at least 70% of your face must be visible in the shot. The picture must be taken in ideal lighting, with a white background and without spectacles. The image must be relatively recent and should not include any headwear.

Authentication Of Residency

You must include documentation of your legal residence, such as a residential permit or visa if you are not a citizen of the country where you are applying.

Airline Tickets and Itinerary

Your ticket number and the entrance and exit from Cyprus are listed on your flight itinerary. It is not a good idea to purchase your plane ticket before issuing your visa.

Evidence Of Adequate Funding

Your proof of money will be your bank statements going back at least six months; this demonstrates that you can manage your finances without assistance. You need to offer:

  • Bank statements from the past three months are stamped by the bank.
  • Traveler’s cheques
  • Saving books

There is no requirement that you submit cash; instead, you must present your bank statements.

Health Insurance And a Certificate of Medical Fitness

A medical fitness certification from a hospital with accreditation is required.
This is evidence that your health permits travel.
A medical fitness certificate is another way to confirm that you are considered healthy and fit to enter Cyprus and that your presence won’t endanger the local populace.
Therefore, you must have proof of health insurance.
This demonstrates that you don’t have an infection about which the Cypriot authorities should be concerned and that you have health insurance that will pay for any future problems.

Status of Employment Records

There are documents catered to people from many walks of life, as stated in the header;

For those employed: A letter from your employer, addressed to the embassy and consulate, outlining your role within the organization, your pay scale, and the dates you will visit the nation. This letter must, however, be sent to the embassy and include a current date.

For independent contractors:

  • A letter from your lawyer, accountant, or bank manager
  • A letter from the business
  • A copy of your trade license

A letter from your college or university confirming your enrolment and course length (s) is appropriate for students.

Travel Health Insurance

Before visiting Cyprus, you must buy travel health insurance that covers at least €30,000 in medical emergencies and repatriation for your stay.

You must provide evidence of current health insurance coverage for international medical emergencies in your home country.

Other documents include;

  • Proof of accommodation in Cyprus.
  • Cover letter (if required).
  • Proof of paid Cyprus visa fee.
  • Self-addressed, pre-paid envelope (if applying by post).


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