Fully remote Social Media Assistant Job At Julius Deins Uk

social media assistantt job in the UK


Job Highlights of a Social Media Assistant At Julius Dein’s company UK

 Central Hub Currency: British Pounds Sterling

Department: Social Media

Skills: Organisational skills, Customer service

Role: Social Media Assistant  In Julius Dein’s company

Locations: UK (Remote)

Remote status: Fully Remote.



Job Description Of a Social Media Assistant At Julius Dein’s company UK

 Exciting opportunity for those passionate about social media! A globally celebrated magician and a top-tier social media influencer is on the hunt for a Social Media Assistant!

In this role, you’ll collaborate with the social media management team, handling administrative duties like data management, scheduling content, and interacting across multiple platforms including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.

To excel as a Social Media Assistant, you should possess outstanding organizational skills, maintain a cheerful and upbeat demeanor, and demonstrate a strong commitment to your work. check out other amazing job opportunities

Social Media Content Calendar Creation: As a Social Media Assistant, you could take the initiative to develop a comprehensive content calendar. This would involve researching and planning out engaging content themes, scheduling posts in advance, and ensuring a consistent and strategic approach to content across all platforms. This proactive strategy not only streamlines the workflow but also allows for better tracking of performance metrics and audience engagement.

Remember, creativity and foresight are key in social media management, so always be on the lookout for trending topics and viral content opportunities that align with Julius Dein’s brand.

Job Requirements Of a Social Media Assistant At Julius Dein’s company UK

Join our team if you:

  • Possesses a vibrant personality and excel in communication and customer service, with the ability to adapt your interaction style for diverse social media audiences.
  • Have a passion for the online community and an in-depth understanding of various social media platforms.
  • Show a strong willingness to learn and master new tools and procedures.
  • Demonstrate superior organizational abilities.
  • Pay close attention to detail and accuracy, with the skill to identify and correct errors in grammar and other areas.
  • Are adept at managing your time effectively and handling multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
  • Are adaptable and collaborative, capable of working autonomously and harmoniously with a team.
  • Are available to work from 9 am to 5 pm (UK time), with the potential for more flexible hours in the future. check out other amazing job opportunities

Job Responsibilities Of a Social Media Assistant At Julius Dein’s company UK

Here’s a revised version of the responsibilities:

Duties include:

  • Uploading and programming content across various social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Reviewing content for any spelling errors or technical issues prior to posting, and communicating any concerns to the Social Media Manager.
  • Actively engaging with the audience by responding to comments.
  • Keeping an eye on direct message inboxes for prompt replies.
  • Making use of Facebook’s “invite to follow” function for all posts.
  • Providing support to the Social Media Manager with additional tasks as needed.


Job Benefits Of a Social Media Assistant At Julius Dein’s company UK

  • Professional Growth: Enhance your professional trajectory and widen your clientele by providing expert social media management across diverse sectors.
  • Balanced Lifestyle: Social media assistants generally enjoy regular working hours that accommodate personal pursuits, though occasional after-hours work may be needed for special events.
  • Enhancing Abilities: This position is instrumental in honing a variety of competencies, such as generating content, overseeing platforms, and cultivating community interaction.
  • Energetic Team Setting: Collaborating with the esteemed illusionist and digital content innovator Julius Dein offers a chance to be part of an energetic and spirited group.
  • Geographical Flexibility: This role grants the liberty to perform duties remotely, presenting the convenience of location independence.
  • Artistic Contribution: In the capacity of a social media assistant, you’re invited to offer artistic direction and shape the digital identity of the enterprise.
  • Educational Prospects: The job provides a window into the latest innovations and methodologies in the fast-paced domain of social media marketing.


How To Apply

Applicants should click the link to apply for the job click here


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